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The project will be led by a group of international entrepreneurs with vast experience in the world of gastronomy, hospitality and tourism. It also has specialists in adventure sports, international tours, RR.PP experts with a large number of contacts among the sponsors.


Promotion and Events


  • Regular customers will receive an exclusive credential (VIP) that will work as a monthly credit card. The aim of this action is to achieve loyalty and to reinforce the prestige of our clients.

  • From Monday to Friday there will be Happy Hours, with daily, weekly, monthly and annual draws for trips and official merchandising of AVENTURA CAFÉ or our sponsors.

  • The establishment will be the place for outings and celebrations of different trips carried out by our clients or people related to our sponsors.

  • We will implement "The week of...". A cycle that through the Secretary of Tourism we will take advantage of to promote our products, with exhibitions, regional foods, artistic and cultural spectacles.

  • Presentation and delivery of videos of the different 4x4 tours offered by the establishment and our sponsors.

  • Presentations of new products

  • Exhibitions by specialists in adventure sports.

  • Talks on ecology, fire prevention, communication, first aid, environment, survival, etc.